Quotagrams, Crostics, Anacrostics

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Quotagrams, also known as Crostics or Anacrostics, are widely found in puzzle books and magazines. The objective of the puzzle is to build a quotation by answering a series of clues. All the letters in the answers fit into the puzzle in a specific location.

Solving Quotagrams is great for learning, because it requires knowledge of vocabulary and quotations as well as the ability to think logically and plan ahead.

Creating Quotagrams is a bit challenging but is a lot of fun. Quotagrams Creator automates the routine tasks and makes it much easier than using pencil, paper and an eraser. You start by entering a quotation of up to 180 characters. The program displays the quote in puzzle form and lists how many times each letter is used. Then you enter a list of words and associated clues , such that each letter in the quotation is used once and only once in the words. As you enter words the program displays the letters of the words in red and keeps track of the number of unused letters. Continue entering words until all the letters in the quotation have been used and all the words have clues.

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  • Use your own words, clues, quotations
  • Import words, clues, quotations from the Internet
  • Solve on-screen, print out, or export to Microsoft Word
  • Print or export puzzle or solution
  • Select background color
  • Make puzzles as hard or easy as you like
  • For all grade levels