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For many years, Puzzle Power has been our top selling educational product, used by thousands of teachers, schools, companies and organizations. It started with 5 puzzle making programs, including our classic Crossword Creator, Wordsearch Creator, Kriss Kross, Cryptograms and Quote Falls. Then we added Anagrams, Double Anagrams, and Cross Sums. In version 3.4 we added Jigsaw Power, Quotagrams and Sudoku. Now in version 3.5 we've added an exciting new puzzle maker, Picture Puzzles. Puzzle Power now includes 12 puzzle maker programs, some of which have multiple variations, sucb as three separate types of wordsearch puzzles.
See the links below for more info on all of these programs.
With all of these upgrades the price has never increased; in fact we have just reduced the price!
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Note: Version 3.5 is Windows only. A Mac version is available but runs only in Classic mode. For info on Mac call or email Centron.

If you like Puzzle Power, check Teachers Valu-Pak
It includes Puzzle Power 3.5, New Classroom Bingo 3.01 and Test Creator 3.1 at a small increase in price.

software to make your own crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and more
make your own puzzles, puzzle maker
  • Make your own crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and 10 more types of puzzles, including jigsaw puzzles, sudoku puzzles and picture puzzles.
  • Includes the complete version 3.1 of Crossword Creator with the ability to print crossword puzzles or upload them to the Internet!
  • Software to make puzzles from your own word lists, quotes and pictures.
  • Make 12 different types of puzzles.
  • It's fun and challenging to make your own puzzles.
  • All word puzzles can have multimedia themes; show a video of a President and have a corresponding clue.
  • Includes a Crossword Puzzle Dictionary with over 41,000 words and wild-card search.
  • Includes hundreds of predesigned puzzles, many with multimedia themes, to solve or modify.
  • Selectable fonts, colors, sizes.
  • Supports all standard printers, export to desktop publishing.
  • Crosswords, sudoku and picture puzzles can be uploaded to web pages for interactive solving.
  • Make puzzles ranging from very easy to very hard to fit any age, grade level or topic.
Click on a puzzle type for detailed info on features!
CROSSWORDS Instantly make crosswords up to 30 x 30 squares, plus you can put them on your web site if you like!
WORD SEARCHES Make 3 types of word search puzzles.
KRISS KROSS Great for vocabulary practice & thinking ahead.
QUOTE FALLS Learn to recognize and remember quotations.
CRYPTOS Make Cryptograms and Cryptoquizzes.
ANAGRAMS A great teaching tool, make 'em easy or hard.
DOUBLE ANAGRAMS One set of Anagrams leads to another - really fun with picture clues!
CROSS SUMS One for the math teachers!
JIGSAW POWER Make your own jigsaws from any picture!
QUOTAGRAMS Make Quotagrams and Crostics puzzles!
SUDOKU Instantly make Sudoku puzzles and upload to the web!
PICTURE PUZZLES Instantly make or solve picture puzzles and upload to the web!

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