Teachers Power Pack 3.31
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The Best Value in Teacher Tools!
The full versions of both
Puzzle Power 3.4 and Test Creator 3.1
on one CD-ROM
Download Crossword Creator Demo - Windows    Download Test Creator Demo - Windows   

Note: Version 3.34 is Windows only. Mac users can still purchase version 3.32, which does not include Sudoku.
Teacher's Power Pack software for teachers
  • Test Creator 3.1:
    • Create multiple choice, true/false, essay, and fill-in-the-blanks questions.
    • Style text with color, bold, italic, superscript,etc.
    • Recall and edit questions with powerful search features.
    • Build, save, and edit tests from your questions.
    • Import text and graphics into your questions and tests.
    • Includes access to thesaurus and dictionary with import capability.
    • Print tests, answers on all standard printers.
    • New "copycat prevention" feature lets you print multiple test copies with each copy having a random order of questions and/or a random order of multiple choice answers.

  • Puzzle Power 3.4:
    • Use our puzzle maker to make your own crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and 10 more types of puzzles, including Jigsaw Power and Sudoku 600.
    • Includes the complete version 3.1 of Crossword Creator with the ability to print crossword puzzles or upload them to the Internet!
    • Software to make your own crossword puzzles, word search puzzles and more from your own word lists or quotes.
    • Make 11 different types of word puzzles. Have fun, make your own puzzles.
    • All word puzzles can have multimedia themes; show a video of a President and have a corresponding clue.
    • Includes Crossword Puzzles Dictionary with over 41,000 words and wild-card search.
    • Over 150 predesigned puzzles, many with multimedia themes, to solve or modify.
    • Selectable fonts, colors, sizes.
    • Supports all standard printers, or export to desktop publishing programs.
    • Make easy or hard word puzzles to fit any grade level or topic.

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