IF YOU LIKE SUDOKU, YOU'LL LOVE KAKURO!< For Sudoku fans looking for an exciting new challenge, Centron is pleased to present Kakuro 100+, which includes 100+ predesigned puzzles of all difficulty levels. You can also easily create your own puzzles with up to 6 sizes. You can solve puzzles on-screen, with no need for a pencil and eraser. You can print puzzles and solve them with pencil and paper. If you like to solve Kakuro puzzles in magazines or books, just enter the block patttern into a blank puzzle and solve them on-screen. There are hints available if you get stuck. You can save and recall partial answers so you don't have to finish a puzzle in one session. You can download Kakuro 100+ for only $9.95 or get it on CD for $14.95

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  • Kakuro is the up-and-coming game which will appeal to Sudoku players. Like Sudoku puzzles, Kakuro puzzles are easy to comprehend, but can be devilish and challenging, offering a great combination of logic and planning skills. Our Kakuro program has the following enticing features:
  • Over 100 predesigned puzzles. Most of the puzzles are 10x10, but there also puzzle sizes ranging from 5x5 to 15x15 to offer different challenges.
  • Create your own Kakuro puzzles.
  • Make puzzles as hard or easy as you like, from easy to very demanding.
  • Solve Kakuro puzzles on-screen.
  • Solve magazine and book puzzles by entering the patterns. Its a lot easier than using a pencil and eraser!
  • Save and recall partial solutions,. pick up where you left off.
  • Print puzzles, solutions..
  • Several types of hints available.