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Jigsaw Power Trial Version

Do you like putting Jigsaw puzzles together?
Would you like to be able to make a puzzle easier or harder to solve?
Don't you hate it when you finish a puzzle and you're missing a piece or two?

Now there's Jigsaw Power!
(Full version available for Windows or Mac)

Download a playable demo version of Jigsaw Power!
(Windows only)

1) Create a new directory/folder on your hard drive (for example, c:\jsdemo)
2) Click here to download the self-extracting file (
to the director/folder you created in step 1.
3) Open the Windows Explorer and find the file you just downloaded.
4) Double-click the file to expand the files it contains.
6) Double-click on the file jsdemo.exe to solve the puzzle!

Please note: Centron Software can only support this demo version of Jigsaw Power by email.

For more information on Centron products, call 910-215-5708
or send E-mail to: