Double Anagrams Creator

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  • Double Anagrams are fun. Unscramble a set of words and the letters form an anagram of the answer to a riddle, famous person, quotation, missing words in a phrase, or a definition.
  • You can easily create Double Anagrams. Enter the answer, then find a set of words that contains the letters in the answer.
  • Use a wild card search of the Crossword Puzzle Dictionary to find words with the correct letters.
  • Insert a picture in the puzzle as a clue to the answer.
  • Make your puzzles as easy or hard as you like.
  • Selectable fonts and colors.
  • Print puzzles on all standard printers or export to desktop publishing programs.
  • Included on the Puzzle Power CD.
  • Puzzles can have multimedia themes. Relate the answers to a picture, video, or sound.