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Make Bingo cards with combinations of words and pictures.
Create and play interactive Bingo games on your web site.

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Text Cards:


Picture Cards:
Food in French
Food in English
Bingo card

  • A Bingo software game that can be played off-line or on-line as an interactive bingo game..
  • Create Bingo cards with words, phrases, or pictures and matching answer list.
  • Bingo cards with separate columns of words or pictures and heading for each column.
  • For online play, select from eight types of Bingo games - standard Bingo, diagonal only, horizontal only, vertical only, both diagonals, horizontal & vertical through the center,around the edges, or fill the whole card.
  • Select a word in the matching list, then click on the matching Bingo square.
  • Make the game Easy or Hard. The Hard game does not allow incorrect entries to be corrected. You have to start the game over if you make a mistake.
  • See who can get Bingo in the fastest time.
  • Use any language in cards.
  • Cards can be randomly arranged for each player.
  • Print random cards.