Are you a crossword puzzles fan? If so, you'll enjoy this Betty Boop collection of over 200 challenging crossword puzzles by Eugene Sheffer. The included crossword puzzles were originally published by King Features Syndicate in many newspapers. Test your crosswords solving skills by using the optional timer that is included to see your solution time. You donít have to finish the crosswords in one session. You can save and recall answers, pause the timer, and pick up your work where you left off. If you get stuck, hints are available. When you use hints, if you have entered an incorrect letter or word Betty Boop will let you know. If you solve the crosswords correctly, Betty Boop will congratulate you! You just might be her hero. You can download the software or get it on CD for only $9.95!

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betty boop,crossword puzzles, crosswords,
  • Solve over 200 puzzles on-screen (no pencil or eraser).
  • Save and recall partial solutions. pick up where you left off.
  • Timer setting is saved if you pause or exit, so you can resume solving at a later time
  • Print puzzles, solutions, your partial solutions.
  • Optional letter and word hints with comments from Betty Boop.
  • Optional timer lets you check your solution time.
  • Solve the puzzle and Betty will congratulate you.
betty boop,crossword puzzles, crosswords,