If you enjoy the championship round in the World Series of Poker and other poker games on TV, you’ll really enjoy this game. Play against Betty Boop in an exciting championship game of no limit heads up Texas Holdem poker. It's just you and Betty Boop playing winner-take-all. She might bluff at any time or change her strategy from game to game. She's a smart and unpredictable player, so you'll have to see if you can figure out her strategy. Try bluffing her and see what happens. Just select the initial stake for each player and the minimum bet amounts and start playing Texas Holdem. You or Betty Boop can go all-in any time. Think you can beat her? If you do, you’ll be her hero. If you’d like to learn Texas Holdem this program is a great way to learn and have fun! You can download the software or get it on CD for only $9.95!

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  • Play heads up no limit games against Betty Boop.
  • Select initial stake and minimum bet amounts.
  • Select whether all-in bets are allowed.
  • Optionally listen to Betty talk while you're playing.
  • You can be her hero if you beat her!
  • Not familiar with Texas Holdem poker? Learn the rules and practice without risking real money.