The educational game about investments in the global economy. Available in two versions.
The full version enables students to set the global events, their efftect on investments, and bonus questions about investments.
The game version enables students to play the game with pre-set events and questions.
School Pricing: $70 for the full version, $30 for the game version.
Lab Pack and District Licenses Available..

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Blue Ridge Community College SIFE Team Honored for Excellence in Capital Markets Education

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This game concept was originally developed by a team of students at the Blue Ridge Community College in Weyers Cave, Virginia. The game was designed to help high school students understand the potential effects of local, national and global events on investments in the Shenandoah Valley area where the college is located. This version of the game expands the original concept to a generic version which can be applied to any area of the country. The objective of this game is to engage high school students in the process of developing cause and effect relationships between external events and investments in the economy. The learning is enhanced by students working together as a team to create the parameters of the game and by the fun of competition to see who can make the best investment choices.
The Game
Our Global Economy is a board game where players move pieces around a table according to dice throws. The game begins with up to 6 players having an initial cash net worth of $10,000. Before play begins, each player decides on allocations of their cash among up to 27 types of investment categories.Once play begins, various squares on the board lead the player landing on a square to scenario events which will have a significant effect on selected types of investments. There are also some squares which lead to a set of bonus questions related to investments. Successful answers to the bonus questions add cash to the player’s net worth. Games are played with a set limit, although they may be paused and restarted. The player having the highest net worth at the end of the game is the winner.

The full version and the game version have the identical board and play the same. The only difference is that the game version uses pre-set events and questions. If you want to try out the game, you can start by purchasing the game version, then upgrading to the full version for only $40.

The full version allows students to set up the game parameters and bonus questions, which enhances the educational value. through creating the parameters which set up the cause and effect relationships. This game setup should be done by students working as a team, with the help and guidance of the teacher. The students must first create a list of up to 27 investment categories, such as agriculture, energy, technology, medical, etc. Then they will create a group of up to 100 possible events for each of 8 scenarios - Local Policy, National Policy, Real Estate, Natural Events, Energy, Aging Demographics, Terrorism and Global Policy.

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