Match the words to the animals

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This program requires a Java-enabled browser.

Press the Start Game button to start the game and the timer.

First click on a word in the word list, then click on the square in the Bingo card that you think matches the word. If you're right the background color of the square on the card turns green, otherwise it turns red. Do not click on the card first.Continue playing until you get Bingo. The timer stops so you can see how long it took to get Bingo.

You can press the Clear button anytime to clear the card and start over. The timer continues to run.

If the card has long phrases and they do not fit in the squares you can select Small Font to reduce the font size. Select Large Font to return to the larger size font.

If the Play Mode is set to Easy you can try again to get the right answer and change a wrong answer to a right answer. If it is set to Hard you cannot change any answers after a square is clicked. You have to clear the card and start over.

There are eight different game types that can be set up. This is what you need to get Bingo for each game type.
Standard Bingo - 5 green squares in a row, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
Diagonal Only - 5 green squares in a row in either diagonal direction.
Horizontal Only - 5 green squares in a row in a horizontal direction.
Vertical Only - 5 green squares in a row in a vertical direction.
Both Diagonals - 5 green squares in a row for both diagonals.
Horizontal & Vertical Center - 5 green squares in both the horizontal row that goes through the center of the card and the vertical row that goes through the center.
Around the Edges - 5 green squares in the top and bottom horizontal rows and the left and right vertical rows.
Fill Whole Card - All the squares in the card must be green.
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